Why choose PhotonVPS CDP backup service?

Easy Management - After you place order, we will take care of all the settings and even perform restore at no extra charge.

No Data Transfer Limit - No data transfer limits for data backups.

RAID Technology - We rely heavily on RAID technology to prevent any data loss. You can be rest assured that your data is safe.

Backup Features

  • Continuous Data Protection® Technology

    R1Soft bypasses the filesystem and reads data directly from the disk. Block level backup provides advantages over alternative methods including the speed of backups and a reduction in I/O allowing you to perform backups without performance penalty.

  • Quick Restore

    R1Soft allows you to recover large file systems or entire servers fast with the Bare-Metal Restore feature. You can also run granular file restores and one-click VM restores as well as restore backups even while a backup job is running.

  • Data Retention Policies

    You can define a replication goal (for example, every 15 minutes) and how many recovery points to retain at any one time. Old recovery points are automatically merged and their storage is recycled efficiently preventing wasted space.

  • Onsite & Offsite Backups

    Using tapes for offsite backups is costly, tedious and time-consuming. R1Soft offers a more efficient method - Multi-Point Replication. Make multiple copies for on-site or offsite with ease. PDS® technology lets you move your backups wherever you need them.

  • Disk Safe Verification

    R1Soft monitors your data to make sure it's safe from corruption. DSV can be scheduled to run periodically/on-demand, detecting and alerting you in the event of corruption. This reduces the need for tests and gives you confidence in your data.

  • Encryption

    AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption can be enabled at the time of creation of Disk Safes for backup data. This aids in the protection of data stored in the backup server, and in protection of the data over the network so there is no need to use external encryption suites.

  • Web-Based Interface

    Manage 1000s of servers with one web-based enterprise console. Perfect for sprawling data centers, remote servers and/or co-location. Browse and restore files instantly across all server backups using an Explorer-style interface.

  • Control Panel Integration

    R1Soft allows you to integrate secure local authentication of users enabling user self-service backup and restore. You can integrate with popular Linux Control Panels (cPanel, Plesk, InterWorx, and more) with ease. Lots of documentation is available.

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