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Transferring from your current cPanel account to vps with cPanel is fairly easy.  Please refer to the steps below and if you need assistance, you can contact us anytime
  • Order Linux VPS with cPanel option
  • Please make sure to keep your current cPanel account online and only terminate/cancel after you have verified that the data has been transferred successfully. 
  • After you place the order, please allow 12-24 hours for VPS setup with cPanel.  When the server is ready, you will be notified via email
  • Refer to your welcome email and look up the VPS IP. You will use this IP address to access WHM and start the migration process
    • Log into WHM by entering the IP address followed by port 2082.  For example
    • After you login, you will first need to setup a package.  You can access this by visiting "packages --> Add a package"
    • After you add the package, you will need to create the account in cPanel before migration.  Go to "Account functions --> create a new account"
    • After you create the account, you can use the migrate function to import the files from your current cPanel server.  To get started go to "Transfer --> copy an account from another server with an account password"
      • Before starting transfer, we highly recommend setting up a maintenance page or default index.html page notified site visitor about maintenance.  This is to prevent any new data from being written in your old database.  
    • After you have transferred your files successfully, you want to make sure your site is working fine.  You can test this by visiting http://yourip/~username.  Replace username with the cPanel username of your website. 
    • Once you have verified the transfer, you will need to update the DNS for the domain.
It is highly recommend that you install CSF firewall on your cPanel server.  For more info -

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