APACHE ERROR: SoftException in Application.cpp:422: Print

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When tailing Cpanel apache logs via "tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error.logs", and see the error message "SoftException in Application.cpp:422: Mismatch between target UID (2552)".

This means that the sub site content isn't being owned by the right Cpanel user, so the web server stops the process of the script to avoid further problems.

Here's how you can find out the right UID for the user website in problem.

1. cat /etc/passwd | grep 2552

NOTE:  The UID will vary per error message so, keep in mind that it will not be the same as this example.

2. Once you have confirmed the domains proper UID information, adjust site ownership by:
 chown username:username /home/username/public_html/

NOTE: note don't use the -R otherwise you will break the entire public_html folder.

There won't be a need to restart anything since changes should apply once the ownership changes are done. 

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