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The purpose of these Terms and Sonditions is to inform the consumer about the specifications and limitation of PhotonVPS's Cloud Website Hosting Services.

Please note that PhotonVPS will be the only one to deem if you respect or not the following terms and conditions.

Disk space

The storage capacity provided with the hosting plan you have purchased is defined as disk space. It is used in order place content such as your web page (pictures, video, sounds...), databases, and email accounts.

In order to use this space, you have to respect the following conditions :

Disk Space Usage

You may only store your website's content. It is forbidden to use it for personal or unrelated pieces of data that are not part of your website. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use disk space to host other users under the same account.

Furthermore, you are violating PhotonVPS's policy if -

  • The amount of disk space you use increases at a fast pace
  • The storage contains a large amount of files bigger than 50MB
  • The majority of your content reside in ZIP or RAR archives
  • Storage of large numbers of video or audio files that may be associated with a site, but require more resources to support than a normal personal or business website would.

If PhotonVPS detects you are using the disk space to that purpose, PhotonVPS can end the web hosting contract.


You are limited by system resource usage. PhotonVPS could step in if your bandwidth usage causes latency or availability problems to other customers on the network.

System Resources

System resources are mainly CPU, RAM, which are used by softwares and your websites.

It is strictly forbidden to make your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.

If your account uses too much system resources, PhotonVPS's support staff will notify you.

In this situation, you have 2 solutions. You can fix the situation by using less system resources or you can migrate to a vps hosting or dedicated server. In some cases, where the use of resources would reduce the availability of services to other customers, your site could be temporarily suspended.

These rules are in place to avoid any abuse of service (Bandwidth, Disk Space and System Resources) in order to assure your entire satisfaction using the Chime Host offer.

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