My server is offline?

Before contacting our support team, please perform the following tasks -
  1. Please log into your VPS control panel and make sure the server is showing online.  If the server is showing "offline" status, please use the boot link to bring the server online.  Please wait few minutes before moving to next step.
  2. If you are still unable to bring the server online, please check to see if the IP is pinging.  You can ping the IP by going to Start > run > cmd > ping 123.45.679.90
    1. If the IP is pinging, the server is responding.  You should be able to log into the server using SSH and manage it
      1. If you have a web server such as Apache installed, please make sure to the web server is running.
    2. If the IP is not pinging, please contact our support department and they will assist you. 
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